10 books on entrepreneurship you should read


To be an entrepreneur, it is not enough to be enthusiastic or to have acquired specific educational knowledge. A true entrepreneur is always hungry for knowledge and therefore seeks to broaden his or her horizons. Specially through books. It is not only about questioning what is around you, but also about taking a break to learn from others, from the experts. Here is a brief selection of books on entrepreneurship that you should include on your bedside table. 

They will undoubtedly help you enormously to follow your projects. As well as including – of course – the subject of entrepreneurship, they include digital marketing, self-knowledge, leadership, etc. But at the same time they allow you to make an in-depth introspection so that your plans and projects prosper and bear fruit. Ready to know all of this books? 

1. Six Thinking Hats (Edward de Bono)

Although it is a book that emerged in the mid-80s, it has become a bedside book for many. Its proposal is simple and straightforward: to use lateral thinking, approaching situations from different points of view. It is very useful for teamwork and decision-making. It is fun because it uses the metaphor of hats (by colour) to adapt to different situations.

2. The 48 laws of power (Robert Greene)

This refers to the enumeration of laws or rules that you should observe in different aspects of your life. From work to politics or family. Through its pages, you will be able to discover the mistakes that affect your personal relationships, work or your job. It is very enriching because of the quotes from key people in history who are considered successful from a political point of view.

3. Silver surfers (Raquel Roca)

This book, as its name suggests, is aimed at mature entrepreneurs (and even if you are younger, you will still find very good advice, plus you will be older at some point). Today, more than ever, we are going through continuous technological changes, and it is necessary to be prepared for this world. In this way, we will be able to stay relevant in the workplace.

4. Hero (Rhonda Byrne)

This book for entrepreneurs has already become a classic for being one of the best motivational books. It talks about the five profiles that can make a total change in people’s lives. It’s a very enjoyable read, combining the author’s experiences and those of other characters. It is a good book for self-analysis and tackling – real – problems.

5. Digital Marketing for Dummies (Isra García, Víctor Ronco, Aitor Contreras, Alex Rubio, Óscar Valdelvira)

This series of books has undoubtedly provided good answers to the different areas they address. In this case, it focuses on indispensable topics, from digital marketing to how to create a digital venture. And it practically takes you by the hand on how to create a marketing plan, how to make your website, among many other topics. 

6. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn (John C. Maxwell)

Motivation is a cornerstone for every entrepreneur and in this book you will find it in abundance. This is particularly important if you have just gone through a failure and are reluctant to go down this path. Learning is the most important thing, rather than dwelling on the fact that you made a big mistake. 

7. The Art of Captivating (Guy Kawasaki)

One of the essential authors for every entrepreneur is Kawasaki. After his huge success with “The Art of Getting Started”, in this one he emphasises how to captivate to get results. The title sounds dreamy, but when you discover that you have to know how to conquer to achieve your goals, you think twice. You will learn how to sell your project, how to make investors believe in it and, in short, how to captivate your interlocutor. 

8. How to Fail at Almost Everything, and Still Succeed (Scott Adams)

Continuing with motivation, but without neglecting entrepreneurship and the fun side, is this book. The famous cartoonist uses his sense of humour to captivate his reader. In this way the reading is not only enjoyable, but also very intimate as he recounts his own anecdotes. And always with the premise that failure is actually the door to success. 

9. Think fast, think slow (Daniel Kahneman)

The Nobel laureate in economics offers a book that, while not an easy read, takes you on a journey into how our brains work. This knowledge will make decision-making more assertive, based on two types of thinking. There is the slower, logical thinking and the quick, emotional thinking. With this in mind, it will be easier to identify what makes us make bad decisions, both personally and at work. 

10. The world changes, and you? (Eva Collado Durán)

Knowledge is power, and this is highly valued in this digital age. It is not possible to lag behind in these times, especially if you are an entrepreneur, because adaptation is for the strong. The global era brings challenges and changes at all levels and in all sectors, affecting companies and jobs. Having the right tools and knowledge to keep up to date will help you in your area of work or entrepreneurship.

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