9 Promising Irish Artificial Intelligence Startups in 2020

9 promising Irish startups in Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Ireland stands out as a center for startups in Europe and technology companies, especially in terms of Artificial Intelligence, are no exception. This is why the SiliconCanals.com website has prepared a list of the following AI startups in Ireland.

1. Deciphex
Founder/s: Donal O’Shea, Mark Gregson
Year founded: 2017
Financing: 10.7 million euros
Web: www.deciphex.com
Deciphex is an Irish technology company that develops software to accelerate the delivery of pathology services. It has two products: Patholytix Preclinical and PatholytixAI.

Founder/s: Parsa Ghaffari
Year founded: 2002
Financing: 8 million euros
Web: www.aylien.com
AYLIEN takes advantage of AI to allow thousands of companies and developers to collect, analyze and understand large amounts of human generated content, simplifying and even automating.

3. Siren.io
Founder/s: Giovanni Tummarello, Renaud Delbru
Year founded: 2014
Financing: 13.1 million euros
Web: www.siren.io
The popular and award winning Siren has developed a research intelligence platform, which provides a unique combination of BI, search, big data, link analysis and more.

4. Cainthus
Founder/s: David Hunt
Year founded: 2015
Web: www.cainthus.com
Cainthus has a vision of achieving a world of sustainable abundance, productivity and a better life for all (humans and animals) through AI.

5. Keelvar
Founder/s: Alan Holland
Year founded: 2012
Total financing: 17.1 million euros
Web: www.keelvar.com
Keelvar, Irish startup, is an advanced AI-driven e-procurement software for supply chain and automation used in major companies.

6. Nuritas
Founder/s: Nora Khaldi
Year founded: 2014
Financing: 29 million euros
Web: www.nuritas.com
Nuritas is an Irish biotechnology company that has built a medical platform that uses AI to rapidly analyze food peptides for health benefits.

7. Boxever
Founder/s: Alan Giles, Dave O’Flanagan, Dermot O’Connor
Year of foundation: 2011
Financing: 17.3 million euros
Web: www.boxever.com
Boxever, a travel technology company, provides data science and customer intelligence services for its customers, including major airlines and travel companies.

8. Kitman Labs
Founder/s: Iarfhlaith Kelly, Stephen Smith
Year founded: 2012
Financing: 22.6 million euros
Web: www.kitmanlabs.com
Kitman Labs is a leading sports analysis company that uses AI to improve the performance and health of athletes.

9. Unitek.AI
Founder/s: Martin Brown
Year founded: 2017
Web: www.unitek.ai
Unitek.AI is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.
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