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It is no secret that Ireland has become, for decades, the key European country for doing business. This is particularly important in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) and is reflected in the large companies based there. FDI has generated more employment in the Emerald Isle compared to other EU countries. Even with the Brexit, Ireland remains part of the EU and is the only English-speaking country that uses the euro as its currency.

On the other hand, it has sufficient communications, such as ports and airports, facilitating communication with the rest of Europe. This has facilitated the presence of commercial companies that have established themselves there with great success. Now, why has all this happened? In this article we will take a look at the advantages offered not only by Ireland, but also by belonging to ISEA.

Advantages of the companies in Ireland

To begin with, there is its tax rate which is one of the lowest in Europe, 12.5%. This has greatly benefited the trading companies that have their tax residence in Ireland. There is also a lot of commercial activity, as well as the development and exploitation of intellectual property. In addition, the Emerald Isle is considered as the country with greater economic freedom of the continent and the fifth at world-wide level.

Among its main export branches are agricultural products, information technology, telecommunications, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical products, sanitary and medical devices. On the other hand, there are the tax credits for R&D investment that Ireland offers, occupying a high position in jobs in research and development. It has signed double taxation treaties in more than 60 countries, as well as renewed several others.

It is a country with a strong entrepreneurial attitude, as well as a stable political constitution. It is a country that offers many other benefits in communications, transportation and ease of doing business. In addition, it offers a highly qualified labor force that has graduated from its prestigious universities. It is a nation where business expenses are very competitive and the health crisis has been managed very well.

Benefits of joining ISEA

Having mentioned the advantages of doing business in Ireland, all that is left to do is to start working. However, before doing so, it is important to have a solid network that helps to connect and establish economic and business relationships. And that is where ISEA has a fundamental role to play in achieving this between both countries, Spain and Ireland.

We have solid links with the Spanish embassy, with IDA and Enterprise Ireland. Both are agencies that support foreign companies wishing to invest in Ireland. We also have strong links with other bilateral business and cultural organizations in Ireland. ISEA (Ireland-Spain Economic Association) has over 30 years of experience in promoting trade and investment between Spain and Ireland.

Belonging to ISEA opens up a whole world of options and opportunities for developers, importers and exporters. Anyone looking to do business in the Emerald Isle, regardless of sector, will find tremendous support in ISEA. Belonging to ISEA offers visibility and the opportunity to be in contact with important business factors. This is accomplished through various events, informative seminars, meetings, webinars, etc.

Be part of ISEA and enjoy its advantages

At ISEA we are enthusiastic about promoting business culture and being a meeting point between both nations. To be part of all the advantages of doing business in Ireland, establishing a tax domicile, etc., you can become a member of ISEA. To do so, all you have to do is fill in the form on our website and become a member of ISEA. You will have access to our network and access to our member directory and our exclusive publications.

As an ISEA member, you will also be able to sponsor or host events, gaining visibility in the business world. And of course, meet other members and affiliated companies to help your consolidation. Contact us to answer your questions and learn more about the benefits of ISEA membership.


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