Business solidarity in times of the Coronavirus


The pandemic that we are experiencing is testing the entire planet. The health crisis, the collapse of health systems in some countries and the slowdown in the activity that we have been forced to carry out in order to mitigate the devastating effects of the coronavirus, have caused many companies and individuals to want to add their bit. .

There are already many cases of companies that have taken the chest out of their CSR have carried out solidarity actions to help other companies and groups to overcome this crisis. At ISEA we want to give visibility to these actions in order to inspire many other companies.

We started with the campaign “Súmate, Operación Solidaria (SOS)” of KPMG, member of our association. This initiative seeks to join the efforts of private companies, Public Administrations and the third sector to multiply the distribution of food and basic products to people without resources, through the Food Bank of Madrid, Cáritas and the Red Cross.

This action consists of a collaboration system with three modalities to which companies can join. They can make contributions with basic necessities, monetary donations or contributing their logistical capacity to transport the food to the social entities that distribute it to the final beneficiaries.

As indicated by KPMG, during the first month of operation, more than 170,000 kg of food have already been delivered, thanks to the contributions of companies such as Adam Foods-Cuetara, GBfoods, Applus, Corporación Financiera Alba, El Pozo, Incarlopsa, Cerealto Siro and Tendam, among others.

Other examples of donations are those of Mercadona, which donated 5.3 tons of food to the NGO “Turismo Solidario 2020”. Motor companies such as Hyunday with the #YoCedoMiCoche initiative and Cabify with their “Cabify for Heroes” campaign gave up their fleet of vehicles to make them available to healthcare personnel. Business schools offer free online training, such as IEBS and its free online courses in marketing, digital business and eSports.

In addition, Inditex and Mango made significant donations of medical equipment, SEAT allocated part of its facilities to manufacture respirators, or a group of Renault volunteer workers who, at their facilities in Valladolid, dedicated themselves to making protective visors. Even spirits companies like Bacardi, Beefeater or Ballantains that go on to make hydroalcoholic gels.

There are many cases of solidarity actions that we leave to mention. Media like Marketing4Ecommerce or Emprendedores are echoing this type of solidarity actions. Moments like those we live in are when it makes the most sense and it is most necessary to carry out this type of initiative. CSR takes center stage in companies, and that is good for everyone.

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