Why is coworking growing so fast?

What is a coworking space?

A co-working space is a flexible workspace that allow different professionals and companies, most of them with different needs. Originally the coworking space was designed to freelancers and share the overhead costs (i.e. space, internet and electricity) of having an office. 

Nowadays co-working spaces are hubs of collaboration and networking and many companies are choosing them as working spaces, specially with the new hybrid working culture. 

Co-working was invented by Brad Neuberg, a freelance software developer from San Francisco. He created the first co- working space called “Hat Factory” that became popular in 2005. 

Why is coworking growing so fast?

Paradoxically the COVID 2019 pandemic has helped these spaces grow. They have become a space for SMEs and individuals to transform they business model and operations, making them flexible in hybrid working mode.

Co-working spaces have also been considered as spaces that promote productivity and networking. Also are great places to accelerate innovation. In Ireland co-working spaces have become very popular with a great wealth of choice.

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