Dublin Airport is booming

dublin airport is booming

Dublin Airport is one of the most important airports in Europe due to the number of flights it operates each year. According to research carried out by the economic consultancy InterVistas, it has a great impact on the Irish economy: it contributes almost 10 billion euros and employs 130,000 people. For this reason, its contribution represents 3% of the national income.

The highest growth was recorded between 2013 and 2018, when it grew from 20 million passengers to 31.5 million and 12,400 new jobs were created during that period. It currently employs 129,700 people, of whom approximately 21,500 perform work directly related to the operation of the airport in areas such as security, operations, ground handling, immigration, customs and air traffic control.

The efficient operation of Dublin Airport is one of the main reasons why the country’s economy has grown considerably in recent years. Connectivity with the rest of the world has increased by 60% and it has become the second fastest growing major airport in Europe, in terms of connectivity, after Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport. Companies such as Amazon, Intel, Kingspan and Kerry Group confirm the importance of the airport in their respective businesses.

Dublin Airport Business Park

The Business Park is a large office space reserved for all those companies that need to have a physical space close to the airport.

The park is located just 10km north of Dublin City and just 5 minutes from the airport check-in desk. It consists of four blocks and includes a large car park, bicycle shelters and an on-site café. All office suites at Dublin Airport Business Park are self contained and consist of an open plan area, toilet and tea station.

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