Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme: Webinar


Attention! Because at ISEA (Ireland Spain Economic Association) we start the year with the first webinar of 2021. With the collaboration of Helping Networks, on March 4 at 6PM (Dublin time), we will talk about the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs.

This is a cross-border exchange program that new or aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit from. Thanks to this program, people who do it can enjoy the opportunity to learn from other experienced entrepreneurs who have been running small businesses in other countries for years.

How is the webinar on the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs organized?

Next, we will tell you what the webinar consists of and how it will be structured:

  1. Welcome to Helping Networks and the rest of the speakers.
  2. Information about the EYE program. Taught by Belén Mendoza – Head of European Projects – Chamber of Santiago de Compostela.
  3. Later, Paula Matoso will share with us her experience as a New Entrepreneur.
  4. After that, Miguel Villagran will give all the guidelines to enter the program.
  5. Do not leave with doubt! Any query or question you have, you have 30 minutes to resolve it.

How do I sign up for the webinar?

Very easy! If you want to learn more about this webinar, you only have to join at Agenda from the following link. And if you want more information, do not hesitate to read more about the program on the official website.

This program is unique… Do you want to know more? See you on Thursday March 4th at 6PM (Dublin Time).


Yesterday we launched our last webinar of the ISEA Webinars series where Miguel Villagran member of ISEA with the company HelpingNetworks – Helpingjobs presented the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs PROGRAM together with Belén Mendoza – European Project Manager at the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and Paula Matoso Accountant and Business Project Manager told us about the program. They gave us their vision of it from different points such as Organization, Host Company, and young entrepreneur. Thank the attendees of the webinar for their time and the speakers for their expertise on the program, where they kindly attended to the attendees with their questions.

You can contact them through their email addresses:

Paula Matoso –
Miguel Villagran –

See you at the next webinar!

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