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flamenco science

On November 15, ISEA members attended a successful and amazing event, characterized by three great signs of Spanish identity: music, flamenco and science.

“Flamenco & Science. Differences in Musicians and Dancers Brains: Effect in the Audience Experience” was organized by SRSI (Spanish Research Society in Ireland) and the Embassy of Spain in Dublin in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin, Riu Plaza, Grifols and Fundación Ramón Areces.

Professionals from different sectors, as well as the different ambassadors from different countries (Sapin, Brazil, Lituania), met at the Hotel Riu Plaza The Gresham located at 23 O’Connell Street Upper in Dublin to enjoy the event. The dancer and neuroscientist, Ana Belén López Rodríguez, together with the Argentinian neuroscientist Sebastian Moguilner, showed a recording in which the audience could see how her nervous signals varied while she was watching a flamenco video. At the close of the event, she danced to the rhythm of the flamenco guitarist Juan José Manzano.

If there’s a sign of identity in Spain, that’s flamenco. An art that has crossed borders and has made millions of spectators fall in love with it. Known worldwide, it is considered another form of artistic expression. Some of its characteristics, such as improvisation, have been the object of study in numerous investigations (autism, alzheimer, etc).

As we pointed out in the previous post, ISEA promotes the expansion of business and investment between Ireland and Spain, and art is not exempt from all this. ‘Marca España’ includes many signs of identity and flamenco is one of the most important, used as the best ambassador.

We would like to express our great appreciation to the SRSI (Spanish Research Society in Ireland) and the Embassy of Spain for organizing the event. We are looking forward to new activities and expectations for the new challenges that ISEA has prepared for next year.

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