Gastronomic success of Spain in Ireland

Spanish gastronomy is recognized throughout the world. Spanish cuisine is flavoursome, diverse and also healthy. Spanish food products are recognized worldwide as being of great quality. Spanish gastronomy is based on the Mediterranean diet, with olive oil, rich fruits, vegetables, pulses and nuts, combined with meat and fish.

Taste of Spain is a Spanish gourmet food shop created by James and Teresa in Dublin, with stores in Capel and Camden streets.

We asked Paloma Herreros, social media and store saleswoman, what has been the secret for successfully selling Spanish food products in Dublin.

“There are two types of Irish customer. Those that don’t know too much about Spanish products but are very curious, and those with more knowledge looking for specific gourmet Spanish foods”

“The first group normally seeks advice and inquires after the different types of products and recipes. The other group is normally looking for products they have tasted in Spain during vacations and are looking to find them in Ireland. They know what they are looking for. The products most appreciated by Irish customers are premium ranges of olive oil, wines (in particular from Rioja) and quintessential products of Spanish gastronomy such as Manchego cheese, serrano ham, chorizo, conserves and pates.

Another range of products in great demand are those related with specific ingredients to Spanish gastronomy that are hard to come by in other stores. These ingredients include paella rice, stock, saffron, and pimenton (spanish paprika).

Myspanishbridge is an online store of Spanish products. They tell us that “Spanish food is very successful because there are many different groups of clients. Young people buy sweets more than anything else. Families prefer legumes, cheese and rice.

Yolanda López from says “Spanish products and everything that has to do with the Spanish brand are quite well received in Ireland. For example, Christmas hampers were very well received in general, especially because of their very good quality.” She tells us that “wines, ciders and cavas were most popular, followed by serrano ham, cheese and olives.” On desserts, Yolanda says “the Irish really like everything with almonds and the mantecados (a form of cookie), nougat and Spanish polvorones”

We advise you to follow because they will soon be releasing “Gastronomic and Oenological experiences of the Camino de Santiago”. As well as offering different stages of the road both on foot and by bike, they going to offer the following “Gastronomic Route: a culinary experience travelling the Camino de Santiago taking in several restaurants and secret taverns and the wine experiences, a unique route along the Camino de Santiago visiting the best wineries of some of the main Spanish Denominations of Origin.”


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