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Global Ireland 2025

Last July, Leo Varadkar, Taoiseach (Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland) announced his government’s plans to double the global impact of Ireland for the next 15 years, with an initiative called Global Ireland 2025.

After an intense crisis and with the subsequent recovery of the country, thanks to which it is being achieved that the population has greater confidence and ambition, this island is being more active than ever to promote its global impact, increasing its presence and its international influence, in order to put Ireland in the center of Europe and why not  in the center of the world.

At a time of change at all levels, in which technology is emerging to mark our closest future, Brexit is representing a political, economic and social revolution, and world trade is reeling with recent quarrels between nations as the United States and China, among others. It is essential that a country remains strong, takes the initiative and heads to meet all those challenges that lead to present and future success. It is the only way to create opportunities to stand out in the world.

According to the government, the actions that will be implemented in the context of this Ireland’s global impact are:

  • Opening of new embassies and consulates in relevant locations around the world.
  • Expansion of some of the missions that are already launched.
  • Investment in agencies such as IDA (agency for the promotion of investment in Ireland), Enterprise Ireland (government organization responsible for the development and growth of Irish-based companies in other international markets), Bord Bia (council for the promotion of food and beverages of Irish origin around the world) and Tourism Ireland (organization that promotes tourism in Ireland).
  • Promotion of Irish culture around the world and establishment of deeper relationships with the global “family”.
  • Construction of new air and sea connections.
  • Promotion of a greater flow of international students in Ireland.

And to conclude this article, we leave here a textual phrase from Varadkar, that we found relevant to highlight: “One hundred years ago we were a small island on the periphery of Western Europe. In the next one hundred we will be a nation at the heart of the common European home we helped to build; an island at the centre of the world.”

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