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Globalvia works for the improvement of transport infrastructure and mobility solutions. This company connects people with their possibilities by making highways, buses and railways available to the users. Moreover, its team consists of 28,000 employees, who work in 11 countries according to the most demanding quality standards.

At the same time, its projects are designed to promote the sustainable development of the communities in which they are present. Globalvia integrates sustainability throughout all the processes comprising the value chain, focusing its activity on 4 lines and 16 objectives defined in their Strategic Sustainability Plan. For the company, sustainability is a fundamental part of its strategic vision and an instrument to build a better world for future generations where mobility plays a fundamental role.


Did you know?

Globalvia has created an open innovation programme named Openvia Challenges, where more than 100 start-ups have participated. The company aims to solve the business challenges in the field of mobility, generating synergies with key players in the mobility and transport infrastructure sector.

Openvia works for the development of digital solutions thinking about how to improve mobility in cities and on roads. As they define, “always placing the citizen at the centre”. 

If you are part of a start-up with innovative ideas and scalable projects that provide differential value through the application of innovative solutions, contact them!



Globalvia is partner on a number of key infrastructure projects in Ireland, and responsible of the maintenance of a total of 260 Km of the Irish network. For example it is a member of M50 Concession Ltd and MMaRC A Contractor, that are responsible for the Operations & Maintenance of the M50 Motorway and adjacent network in the “Great Dublin Area”. The M50 is a 40km long motorway that circumvents Dublin city and connects the capital with all the National Primary routes and motorways. The M50 carries more than 115,000 vehicles per day. Globalvia, through the MMaRC A contract,  is also responsible for the routine and winter maintenance, incident response and CAPEX on 180 km of highways and dual carriageways in the Great Dublin Area.  Globalvia was also in charge of the construction, financing and, currently operations of the N6 Galway to East Ballinasloe PPP Scheme, which is a 56 km long section of high capacity motorway, with an average daily traffic of over 13,000 vehicles and located at the west-end of the main connection corridor between Dublin and Galway, and the main access to this.

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