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HelpingNetworks is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs as they take their first steps into the business world. We specialize in providing connections between entrepreneurs, enabling them to test their business ideas and foster growth in a collaborative environment. Under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme, available in 39 countries, we are committed to facilitating successful cross-border exchanges that maximize the value of each participant’s experience.


Did you know?

HelpingNetworks offers support to entrepreneurs seeking to explore new European markets or establish partnerships, providing diverse perspectives and networking opportunities. This collaboration often leads to long-term business partnerships, such as joint ventures, subcontracting activities, or supplier relationships.

You can participate in the programme as:

  • A host entrepreneur (with more than three years of business experience), benefiting from fresh ideas and specialized skills brought by motivated new entrepreneurs. Many host entrepreneurs find the experience so rewarding that they continue to host other new entrepreneurs afterwards.
  • A new entrepreneur (with less than three years of business experience), receiving on-the-job training in a small or medium-sized enterprise in another Participating Country. This experience facilitates a successful start to your business or strengthens your new enterprise, offering access to new markets and potential collaborations with international partners.



Both partners at HelpingNetworks, hailing from Spain (Jerez and Alicante), are committed to maintaining connections with trade associations and small to medium enterprises to foster new business activity. Therefore, we believe that HelpingNetworks can be a proactive member of ISEA.


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