How to prepare your office for back to work after the COVID-19 Lockdown


We already know that the return to routine will be gradual. The majority of countries are currently designing their plan for lack of confinement in different phases, which will gradually ease restrictions on mobility and the performance of functions. In Ireland the de-escalation will start on May 18, with the first phase and will be progressed in periods of 3 weeks.

It will be in phase 3, starting on June 29, when it is established that companies with a low level of interaction will be able to resume their activity (or return from forced telework to which many companies have been forced to adopt). This return must be done taking the maximum security measures. For this reason, at ISEA we want to share some tips that the experts are sharing these days to carry out a return to routine in our offices while minimizing risks.

Tips for a safe return to the office

  • Cleaning of common areas and contact points

We must do a daily cleaning and disinfection of the most common contact areas. We are talking about door handles, printers, telephones, etc. We can leave the doors open, for example.

  • Limit capacity to common spaces

Control the number of people who access common rooms at the same time as meeting rooms, kitchen, warehouses, bathrooms … and maintain the necessary security space, as well as avoid physical contact. Even, if applicable, limit the use of the elevator and encourage employees to use the stairs to access the office.

  • Disinfectant gel deposits

We should encourage the use of disinfectant gels among our employees, as well as encourage them to wash their hands more frequently. For this, having disinfectant gel dispensers will be of great help.

  • Minimize non-essential visits to your facilities.

Conducting face-to-face meetings is to increase the risk of contagion, even more so when they are with clients or suppliers who come to our offices. Therefore, we should avoid them as much as possible.

  • Combine assistance with telework

In order to help maintain safety distances, it would be advisable that the incorporation of workers into the workplace is also gradual. We can combine both ways of working, face-to-face with teleworking, in each department.

  • Use of masks

We know that its prolonged use will not be comfortable, but remember that it is a basic measure to avoid possible contagions or transmissions. By now we know that all measures are few to win this battle.


In addition to all these tips, from ISEA we recommend continuing to implement teleworking whenever possible, in order to minimize risks. After all, a company should assess the severity of the consequences of a possible infection outbreak among its employees.

Finally, also highlight the importance of detecting those most vulnerable employees, allowing them to continue to telework from home.

Carrying out all these measures will help all of society to return to normality as soon as possible.


Source: The Guardian, Lewis Silkin
Image source: Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

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