Innovative companies in Ireland

Innovation companies in Ireland

It’s hard to overlook the fact that Ireland has become a benchmark innovation center. This is due to several reasons. On the one hand, its economy has grown considerably. On the other, it is home to the highest technological talents worldwide. At the same time, it has a support system for the development of innovative ideas. All this, in sum, has favored this country, turning the eyes of the world toward it.

Its tech neighborhood, Silicon Docks, is a hub for ideas, projects, and a hotbed of talent. This area reaffirms its name that Ireland is “land of saints and scholars.” Which is possible due to its high academic and educational excellence, being its generation of young people one of the most educated in the continent. Without a doubt, Ireland is a more than ideal place for investment as it is considered one of the main centers of innovation in Europe.

Ireland: fast growing economy

Within the European Union, Ireland is an economy that has been on the rise steadily for the past four years. Just read some interesting facts:

  • It has a higher proportion of fast-growing companies (Eurostat).
  • It is the first country in the world in terms of adaptability and flexibility of people (IDA).
  • It is the second most competitive economy in the eurozone, the 6th in the world and the 3rd in business efficiency in the world.

The economic stability, high academic level, professionalism, flexibility and even its youth, make Ireland considered the best country in Western Europe to invest. Among almost 130 countries, it ranks tenth in terms of the Global Innovation Index, as well as the first place in the dissemination of knowledge and the second in the impact of knowledge. It is not surprising that companies like Facebook, Twitter or Facebook have found their niche in this European country.

Innovation and culture in Ireland

Ireland has the foundations of innovation and science in its DNA. Inventions such as the submarine, color photography, the hypodermic needle, the guided torpedo, and even seismology, have had their origin in brilliant Irish minds. Over the years, this small country of just 4 million inhabitants has become a global benchmark and attracted tech giants like Google, Amazon, Uber, Siemens, HP, Intel, Dell, Microsoft, and a long list. As well as the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Firms like Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson have their headquarters here.

Of course, not only multinationals are housed in this European country, but there is also a wide window of opportunities for startups, innovative ideas and other companies. Thus, Enterprise Ireland, a national trade agency, has been at the fore in developing indigenous companies, being one of the largest capital investors worldwide.

European Silicon Valley: Ireland

If we add to this its economic growth above the European average, its attractive fiscal policy and being the place where new technologies flourish, there is nothing more to add. Having the support of someone like Enterprise Ireland, who helps in the promotion and help in the creation and launch of technology startups, is priceless, since it is only possible to receive benefits, for example, by opening subsidiaries in other countries.

And those who can attest to the above are companies such as Macalla Software, Iona Technologies, Orbiscom, Conduit, Money Mate or Baltimore Technologies, all of them are faithful proof of support for the technology sector. All this is nothing more than good news, together with the transatlantic global connection fiber optic cable project that will connect directly with the United States in a fast and reliable way, makes Ireland become an epicenter for companies.

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