Keys to the digital transformation

Digital transformation

The digital transformation is the reorganization, adaptation and training of companies and entities to evolve and prosper in a digitalized environment.

Nowadays there are still organizations anchored to the way we used to work a few years ago. However, with the origin of the Internet absolutely everything has changed and has involved a revolution that marks how we live, work and communicate nowadays.

And, as the “gurus” of marketing say: “digital transformation is not an option, it is a necessity”.

What is the digital transformation and how can a company conduct it?

Contrary to what many people think, digital transformation is not only about having a website and managing the company’s social networks, or having a digital marketing plan. No. 

Adapting to the digitalized environment requires reorganizing a complete model, both of work and processes, strategies, products, methodologies… In order to face up the growing and changing needs of our public, both internal (human resources) as external (customers).

Before starting with a digitalization process, we must be clear about where we are, as well as which our objectives are and the resources we have, both regarding to the part of the team and the technical needs we could have. This is key, as it will depend on the type of business or organization. It will have one or other objectives and points to analyze and accomplish.

Once we have cleared this point we must draw up an action plan to implement the digitalization of our organization. From all its aspects and departments, but appointing a team or person responsible for the whole process.

We must give way to the training of all the members of the organization making them participants in everything that is happening so that they can also contribute to the process with their effort and ideas. 

After completing the plan we will proceed to analyze the results to finish adjusting or reprogramming everything that has not been done successfully.

Advantages of the digital transformation of a business

As we have seen, the digital transformation, in addition to being absolutely necessary in all business areas in 2019, has numerous advantages, both short and long term:

  • Increases the competitive advantage of companies in the digitized world
  • Helps entities to differentiate themselves from their competition
  • Increases productivity and efficiency of companies, processes and equipment
  • Helps to reduce costs (materials, logistics, professionals…)
  • Improves internal and external reputation
  • Offers new business opportunities
  • Removes physical barriers
  • Motivates everybody
  • Promotes the impulse of innovation and research
  • Promotes interest in adaptation and constant improvement, not just punctual
  • Makes it easier to offer a faster response for everything
  • Contributes to improve the customer experience
  • Provides a great amount of information (Big Data)

Despite that , we can also find bottlenecks such as the cost required to carry out the process, resistance and fear of change of managers and employees, lack of professionalism, the drag of traditional hierarchical structures or lack of a leader who bet 100% on the process.

At ISEA we are increasingly adapting to the digitized world. We have started with our new image and with new marketing strategies. Little by little we are digitizing our processes in order to transform the association and turn it into an ISEA 2.0. Will you join us?