Learning English on the job: Why do many young people choose Ireland as a destination?

Learning English on the job: Why do many young people choose Ireland as a destination? ISEA

Although different economies are transforming the world and more young people are inclined to study a foreign language, English is still very much alive. Studying English is still very important because it is still the “universal” language for everything. For business, studies, getting to know more people, etc. One of the best options to study English is to do it abroad, choosing Canada, Australia, etc. But there is also Ireland as a destination to learn English, why is this happening?

Benefits of studying English abroad

English is the third most spoken language by native speakers and is considered to be the most widely used vehicular language in the world. Although it is possible to learn this language in the country of origin, it will always be preferable to study it in a native country. To begin with, it is to get to know another culture and its people, with an experience that will have a lifelong impact. Living in another country, such as Ireland, also offers a greater capacity for growth and self-esteem.

In addition, the experience of learning English by immersion in Ireland is unparalleled. As many know, this type of learning is what really helps to master a new language, including its local slang. And besides offering another perspective on life, there is something fundamental: it will add a lot to your professional experience. Taking courses in your home country is not the same as proving that you were in Ireland speaking English 24/7.

Ireland: a destination to work and study another language

Some may find it challenging to learn Irish pronunciation, complex spelling and vocabulary. However, you will eventually learn the accent and your language acquisition will improve every day. It should not be forgotten that the Irish education system is highly qualified: young people achieve high scores in the PISA tests. This country is very attractive for its friendly society, its beautiful landscapes and its history. 

Ireland has a climate that can change several times a day, but young people are very attracted by this peculiarity. As for the English courses, there are basically two types, general and intensive. The general course lasts about three months and the intensive course can last from 2 to 12 weeks focusing on oral skills. In addition, with the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, more students are choosing to study in Ireland. 

Ireland: country to learn English

In Europe, Ireland and the United Kingdom are the options to study English abroad, not to go so far away. As we mentioned there is the Brexit, but there are also other reasons to choose Ireland. It’s a friendly country, small, easy to get around, more affordable in terms of air travel costs. And as the demand for people looking to learn English in Ireland has grown, the supply of courses is huge.

As for accommodation, always the major cities tend to be more expensive, but there are several options nearby. Although it is important to take into account that Dublin has the main airport of the country with connections with the EU. Besides having hundreds of flights to different cities in Europe. And returning to the English by immersion in Ireland, it will always be convenient to stay with a local family. Or if you prefer more independence, there are apartments for students.

Studying and working in Ireland, a country with great growth

Finally, it should not be overlooked that, in addition to the benefits mentioned here for studying in Ireland, there are other important ones. The Emerald Isle has one of the strongest and fastest growing economies in Europe. It has a very low unemployment rate and high minimum wages compared to other countries. It is not for nothing that it is considered the Silicon Valley of Europe because it is home to major companies of global importance. Therefore, Ireland is a highly desirable and sought after country for young people to work and learn English. 

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