Marca España: How is the image of Spain projected abroad?

Marca España

Marca España is everything -brands, products, monuments, customs, culture…- that represents Spain outside its borders.

Every day, both chambers of commerce and cultural and business associations, together with various Spanish public entities, work to preserve the positive image of Spain abroad.

The roots, the culture, the language, the customs, the gastronomy, the works of art and the literature, among others, are some of the areas on which organizations pivot to export the purely Spanish to all those companies and citizens interested in delve a little deeper into the national scope of Spain.

Therefore, due to the need to publicize Spain abroad, some years ago two prestigious projects emerged: Marca España and the Spanish Renowned Brands Forum (FMRE, Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas).

In the first place, Marca España (now known as España Global) is, in reality, a policy promoted by the Spanish govern, to try to improve the image of the country abroad, both among foreign citizens and among Spaniards who reside outside the country.

Their work is focused on five main areas: culture, society, economy, science and technology, and is based on three premises that mark the way how its members work: inclusiveness, the dissemination of everything positive emaning from Spain, an innovative country full of talent, and the promotion of a powerful country brand that reflects the well-being of both the population and the economy. All this is complemented by studies and analysis on the perception of Spain in the world, both now and in comparison with previous years.

For its part, the Spanish Renowned Brands Forum was born in 1999 as a public-private strategic alliance between several leading Spanish companies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, ICEX (Spain Export and Investment), the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

This forum has as its main mission the value of the importance of Spanish brands for the economy of the country, promoting their internationalization and contributing to improve the image of Spain internationally.

This Spanish Renowned Brands Forum, does research, reports and publications, carries out business meetings cycles, promotes projects, both of the Spanish brands and the image of the country in Spain and abroad, as well as other types of projects related to brands and their internationalization. This organization also recognizes every two years the Honorary Ambassadors of the Marca España, personalities and companies that stand out, in their different fields, for their active contribution to the improvement of the global image of the Spain Brand.

From ISEA, although on a smaller scale, we also ensure the projection of the Spanish image, its brands and its professionals in Ireland, orienting us towards the expansion of business and investment between this country and Spain. Some of our members, such as BBVA or Banco Santander, also belong to the FMRE, which reflects the importance of the role that these large companies play in maintaining this positive and professional image of Spain abroad.

If you also want your company to be part of our association to benefit from all the advantages of belonging to an organization that looks after the interests of entrepreneurs and companies of great relevance for Ireland and Spain, contact us and we will inform you without commitment.