Neuroons, by technology consulting firm OpenSistemas, new ISEA member

neuroons ISEA new member

Neuroons is a young company powered by the established technology consulting firm OpenSistemas. It provides the most innovative and disruptive solutions taking advantage of the amazing opportunities given by the cutting-edge technologies nowadays available to create value and grow.    

Neuroons is a leading European IT Solutions provider of the most innovate projects and services in Artificial Intelligence, Data, Internet of Things and Digital User Interaction, the most advanced technologies in UX/UI.   

Neuroons’ business proposal is based on the use of Artificial Intelligence and continuous learning as the pillars for offering innovative services and products while maintaining the open-source inspiration coming from the company’s origins.  

neuroons joined ISEA

Neuroons has just joined the ISEA family and has placed its trust in us to expand its business relationships through its offices in Dublin. In addition, this young company has offices in Madrid and Seville.

Welcome on board!

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