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Ireland, bastion of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe

Ireland bastion of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe

Roche, Novartis, MSD, Bayer, Abbott, Teva, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and a long list of pharmaceutical companies are currently making up the Irish business network. Nowadays, Ireland can brag of being one of the most fruitful and promising countries in Europe. After the crisis that devastated the economies of practically all European countries, Ireland knew […]

Advantages and keys of starting a business in Ireland

Starting a business in Ireland

For years, Ireland has been a key territory for companies, startups and entrepreneurs. The reality shows how the economic, commercial and technological ecosystem of the country has been transformed over the years to house, nowadays, the European headquarters of well-known companies like Google, Apple or Facebook, among other hundreds, turning the island at a key […]

GDPR: Does your company comply with the actual European data protection regulation?


The establishment of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR revolutionized the ecosystem of companies and institutions of the European Union last year. Every time we browse a website, we hire a service or we, simply, make a reservation at a restaurant or buy movie tickets, the correspondent organizations obtain our personal data in order […]

About Global Ireland 2025

Global Ireland 2025

Last July, Leo Varadkar, Taoiseach (Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland) announced his government’s plans to double the global impact of Ireland for the next 15 years, with an initiative called Global Ireland 2025. After an intense crisis and with the subsequent recovery of the country, thanks to which it is being achieved that […]

How are commercial relations between Ireland and Spain?

Commercial relations between Ireland and Spain

Legend has it that the first Celtic inhabitants came from the Iberian Peninsula. Since then the territories and inhabitants of Ireland and Spain have always had a special connection. Despite the distance and that their culture and customs are completely different, Ireland and Spain have traditionally been great business partners. In addition to the fact […]

Keys to the digital transformation

Digital transformation

The digital transformation is the reorganization, adaptation and training of companies and entities to evolve and prosper in a digitalized environment. Nowadays there are still organizations anchored to the way we used to work a few years ago. However, with the origin of the Internet absolutely everything has changed and has involved a revolution that […]

Marca España: How is the image of Spain projected abroad?

Marca España

Marca España is everything -brands, products, monuments, customs, culture…- that represents Spain outside its borders. Every day, both chambers of commerce and cultural and business associations, together with various Spanish public entities, work to preserve the positive image of Spain abroad. The roots, the culture, the language, the customs, the gastronomy, the works of art […]

8th ISEA Golf Outing

The 8th edition of the Ireland Spain Economic Association’s Golf Outing 2019 took place on Friday the 19th July, returning to the beautiful course at Druids Glen, nestled between the Wicklow Mountains and the Irish Sea. In a beautiful course with fairways, both narrow and wide, the Association was warmly welcomed and accommodated by our […]