OHL makes available its staff for cleaning, maintenance and urban services during the state of alarm in Spain

ohl covid

OHL, the Spanish group of Spanish construction, is joining efforts to combat, like many other Spanish companies, the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus that is hitting Spain and, increasingly, the rest of the planet.

The construction company and developer has assigned more than 10,000 workers from its Services division (equivalent to more than 80% of its workers in Spain) to provide services, due to the state of alarm in the country, in the cleaning, maintenance, urban services and SAD areas, within the contracts that the company has in force throughout the national territory.

From ISEA we want to highlight the work of the more than 1,600 OHL employees who are carrying out tasks of management of nursing homes, supervised flats, care for dependency and socio-sanitary management and in hospitals; such important and necessary steps in the exceptional situation we are experiencing.

Also mention the important work of the more than 2,500 workers who maintain their activity in the urban services field during the State of alarm, highlighting the street cleaning workers, who have given priority to the disinfection of sidewalks and driveways, following strictly the protocols set by the Ministry of Health.

This performance has been recognized through a letter that the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has sent, expressing his gratitude to the municipal employees for their work at this critical moment.

And so it is, we live in difficult times, moments in which there are many companies that are reinventing themselves to be able to add their grain of sand to the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic with a clear objective: to end this pandemic that is taking so many lives and to be able to reactivate the economy as soon as possible. All of them are an example to follow, and at ISEA we are convinced that together we will succeed.

Source: OHL

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