Ireland is looking for professionals in the health sector

health sector

Ireland’s health and social services sectors are looking to recruit new professionals and Spain is one of the countries of preference. The Spanish health sector is very well recognized outside its borders and, for this reason, professionals with these skills are being sought.

Through the EURES job portal, Ireland is launching a job offer aimed at psychologists, social workers and nurses. Graduates in Psychology or Social Work are required to have experience in dealing with homeless people, drug addicts or alcoholics (both in paid employment and in university placements), as well as a good level of English. In exchange, they are offered an indefinite full-time contract and a salary a free flight from Spain, free accommodation for two weeks, a bicycle to get to work and a discount on health insurance.

For the nurses, different nursing positions are offered at the Cork Public Hospital. Candidates are required to have at least one year’s experience in the areas of emergency medicine, oncology, ICU, neurology, nephrology, surgery or maternity. In addition, all candidates must be registered with the NMBI (or within six months) and have passed the University of Cambridge IELTS language test. In return, they are offered a full-time permanent contract, a refund of the NMBI registration fee, an introductory course and a free flight to Cork.

As you can see, employment opportunities in Ireland remain a reality and working conditions are often very affordable for workers. This means that developments in the country are ongoing and opportunities continue to grow. 

If your company is related to the health sector or the pharmaceutical sector, you should know that Ireland is an ideal destination to develop your business and make your company recognized worldwide. Ireland is the second largest exporter of medical and pharmaceutical products in Europe, behind Germany, and the eighth largest in the world.

In addition, excellence in clinical and academic research, in areas such as oncology, immunology and neuroscience, has made Ireland one of the most highly rated countries in this regard.

In ISEA we can help you in the process of expansion of your company. Ask us for information on how to establish your headquarters in the country and all the procedures that you must follow, we will be happy to advise you.

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