Retail sales up in November during the #GreenFriday campaign

retail sales up

Retail sales up in November during the #GreenFriday campaign which encouraged people to shop locally. 

Specifically, the #GreenFriday #ShopLocal initiative aimed to get the Irish to buy local products and in local shops during the month of November on the occasion of the world-famous Black Friday. In view of the results, it seems that the message got through to the population and people increased their purchases in this type of establishment. Sales in supermarkets and of hardware products also increased. 

On the other hand, department stores and shopping centres, the sectors that in theory benefited most from the Black Friday commercial campaigns, saw their sales reduced by more than 9%, a decrease of 6.5% year-on-year. The motor and automotive sector also saw a decline of 0.5%, although the value rose by 0.6% compared to 2018 figures.

In conclusion, sales were weaker than expected in the run-up to the Christmas campaign. However, these figures exclude sales on Black Friday itself, which have been consolidated in recent years.

On a monthly basis, retail sales grew by 3.3% in November except in the motor sector which, as we have noted, has experienced a decline. Excluding these latter figures, retail sales grew by 1.2% on a month-on-month basis and by 1.9% compared to November 2018.

The largest declines in sales were seen in pharmaceuticals, medical and cosmetic products, which decreased by 9% compared to October. Food, beverages and tobacco also fell by 6.5% during November. On the positive side, bar gains recorded a 2.1% increase in volume.

The conclusion is that retail sales in Ireland oscillate unevenly with highs and lows, but the trend is positive. Consumer spending has been positive and growing in recent years, driven by job creation. 

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Source: The Irish Times

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