Set up a new business and supporting organizations in Ireland

set up a new business

Setting up a company in Ireland is quick and simple, as the only requirement is that at least one of the partners must be resident in the European Union. If you are in the process of expansion and have chosen Ireland as your destination, you should know that there are different organisations specialising in different areas, offering business support and advice. Below we explain each of these organisations and how they can help you:

Bord Bia – Food, drink and horticulture companies

Bord Bia acts as a link between food, drink and horticulture suppliers and their international customers. In this way, they encourage companies to show the world the virtues of Irish food. They offer country-specific advice on how to take the first step and build relationships. In addition, they organise numerous events and help companies participate in international trade fairs in order to establish contacts and gain new customers.

Bord lascaigh Mhara – Seafood Industry

The seafood industry is one of the most important economic activities in the coastal regions of Ireland and involves fish farms, fishing vessels, companies involved in the handling, distribution and marketing of seafood, as well as small companies dependent on the larger ones. Bord lascaigh Mhara provides these companies with know-how, business support, funding and help to comply with environmental requirements.

Fáilte Ireland – Tourism Industry

Ireland is a booming tourist destination. Fáilte Ireland works to ensure that the country remains a competitive and high quality tourist destination. It does this by helping tourism companies to better manage and market their products. In addition, on their own, they promote Ireland through a national marketing campaign ( and run a network of information and advice centres for tourists visiting the country.

Teagas – Agrifood Industry

Teagas is a national agency that provides research services and assistance to companies in the agrifood industry. Around 75% of its budget comes from Ireland’s public purse and funding from the European Union, and the rest from its own revenue. Of this, 40% is spent on research, 30% on education and 30% on advisory services.

Údarás na Gaeltachta: Companies located in Gaeltachta

Na Gaeltachta covers certain areas of Ireland where Irish Gaelic is the majority language, to the detriment of Irish. Údarás na Gaeltachta has as its main objective that this should not happen and aims to ensure that Irish remains the main community language of Gaeltacht and is passed on to future generations. For this reason, it promotes business development initiatives and strategic activities related to culture and language. It helps companies in this area to embrace new markets and establish new strategic alliances through research and development.

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