Spanish associations and institutions present in Ireland

Living in Ireland offers the possibility of establishing high quality business relationships, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to conduct business in a safe European country with high economic projection.

Ireland in data

The Republic of Ireland, known to the Irish as Éire, has been part of the European Union since 1973. This country, which claims to be independent of the United Kingdom (and Northern Ireland) since 1922, is made up of 26 counties, arranged in an area of ​​more than 70 thousand square kilometers and has capital in Dublin.

It has a population of about 5 million inhabitants and is in the 56th position of world GDP.

Although, traditionally, Ireland has been a country whose livelihood was centered on agriculture, today its economy is based, mainly, in the industrial sector and services, trade, transport and hospitality. In fact, it is worth noting the importance that the Irish capital has received in recent years since it is possible to find the European headquarters of internationally renowned companies, such as Apple, Facebook or Google, among many others.

Living and doing business in Dublin: Spanish associations and institutions in Ireland

In Ireland there are innumerable business and employment opportunities. But, before embarking on a new professional life or a new business in the country, it is essential to know all those associations and Spanish institutions that can support individuals and companies in situ.

We detail them and tell you what functions each of them has , so you know which organization to address according to your needs and those of your company.

Spanish Embassy in Dublin

The Embassy of Spain in Dublin, presided by D. Ildefonso Castro, is located at 17A Merlyn Park, Ballsbridge (Dublin 4).

Thanks to the professional activity of the Embassy, ​​it is possible to perform procedures such as consular registration, registration and changes in the Civil Registry, documentation documentation such as passport or ID, legalization, renewal and duplication of the Spanish driver’s license, notarial acts or participation in the elections, among other services.

Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Ireland (ICEX)

The ICEX office in Ireland is located at number 35 on Molesworth Street (Dublin 2). In it, its representatives, led by Mr. Ramón Chaves, have the mission of ensuring the internationalization of the Spanish economy, by providing their services to Spanish companies and entrepreneurs in Ireland.

This body is also responsible for ensuring institutional economic and commercial relations and generating information of an economic nature of the country.

Cervantes Institute

Created by the Government of Spain in 1991, the Cervantes Institute is located in Lincoln House (6-16 Lincoln Place, Dublin). It is directed by Mr. Víctor Andresco and its members have the mission to promote the teaching of Spanish and the co-official languages ​​of Spain and to spread the Spanish culture abroad. Thanks to this institution, the Irish and Spaniards living in Ireland can enjoy interesting cultural, literary and linguistic activities. In Dublin, the Cervantes Institute also collaborates with museums, art galleries, theaters, publishers and other organizations.

Council of Spanish Residents in Ireland (CREI)

The CREI, chaired by Ms. Leticia Medina, carries out activities related to civil and labor rights, as well as Spanish educational, social and cultural issues in Ireland.

Association of Spanish-speaking Parents in Ireland (ASPI)

ASPI is a non-profit socio-cultural and recreational organization that is formed by families that wish to encourage the use of the Spanish language and knowledge of Spanish culture and tradition among Spanish-speaking families and their descendants.

Founded in 2012, ASPI is independent of any other organization and has around 200 affiliated families, who participate in various activities and events throughout the year.

Spanish Research Society in Ireland (SRSI)

SRSI is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2016 by Spanish researchers living in Ireland, with the aim of uniting all those Spanish researchers and scientists who carry out their activity in the country, in order to share professional experiences and other experiences, give visibility to the work they do and to promote internal and external relations. Its president is D. Alfonso Blanco, and has the support of the Cervantes Institute of Dublin, ASPI, CREI and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).

Ireland-Spain Economic Association (ISEA)

ISEA, an association founded in 1989 under the sponsorship of the Ambassador of Spain in Ireland, has the objective of promoting the expansion of business and investment between Ireland and Spain.

This organization, chaired by Mr. Íñigo Guerrero, is twinned with its Spanish counterpart, Spanish Irish Business Network (SIBN), and is related to other Spanish diplomatic, commercial and cultural institutions and organizations present in Ireland.

Its members include companies of great relevance, both nationally and European and international, as financial institutions, consultants, construction companies, and many others.

Councils and other bodies

Ireland has, in addition to the previous organizations, a Ministry of Education / Technical Advisory in Dublin and a Ministry of Tourism and, in other cases, shares with the United Kingdom other ministries, such as Information, Employment and Social Security, Agriculture , Food and Environment or the Defense Attachment (Naval, Air and Military). Each of them is responsible for managing their different competences, depending on the Embassy of Spain in Ireland and under the guidelines of the Spanish official institutions.