Tips for teleworking to be effective


Already some years ago remote work began to spread in companies. The option that workers could work without being in their workplace, offered several advantages. Although this option is not applicable to all people or jobs, it offers very good benefits. Thanks to technological advances, this option has been possible and simpler, reflected in various aspects. Teleworking offers an increase in productivity of up to 20%. This is thanks, among other things, to avoiding unproductive tasks such as talks, long lunches, etc. Another benefit is an increase in job satisfaction, as there is more motivation. There is also a better work-life balance by having proper time management. And of course, there is a payoff, as employees avoid work-related expenses. But at the same time the company reduces its expenses: office space, rentals, energy, telephony, etc.

However, for all of the above to be successful, it is necessary that there are certain guidelines. The current world situation has made teleworking a widely used option. And for it to work well and be profitable, healthy and efficient, it is important to follow some tips.

Good connectivity for teleworking

This job option would not exist if it were not for the technological scope that we enjoy today. Connectivity is essential, which means that the worker must have good WiFi at home. In addition, it will be essential that you have a properly configured computer with network access. In this way the worker will be able to work properly and use the corresponding applications. Of course, a good mobile device will also be essential.

Have a special site for remote work

Although telecommuting is thought of as an option to work even from bed, it is not a good option. It is important for the worker to get up early and do his morning routine, which includes dressing for work. This is not only important for his mentality and good performance, but also when he has to attend video conferences.

Of course, you should choose a place in your home where you work on a regular basis, other than your bedroom or living room. You must verify that you have a good connection and that you have a desk, table or space to carry out your daily tasks. Preferably, it is a place where it has few interruptions and some acoustic insulation, in addition to good lighting.

Establish schedules for teleworking

When you’re at home, working, distractions and procrastination can ruin your routine. It is important to replicate the usual hours that were had in the office. In this way, the rest of the members will be able to work in a synchronized way and interruptions will be avoided. This will also be beneficial for family life, since otherwise it is easy to incur inappropriate hours (at night).

Communication with the rest of the team

Routines are essential to carry out a good work routine. A meeting with the rest of the team at the beginning of the day and planning the day will be a good decision. Even repeat it at part-time or at the end of it. Whether using a video conferencing platform or WhatsApp groups, communication and synergy are important.

Adequate accessibility in remote work

Connectivity is important, as well as contact with the rest of the team, but accessibility must also be guaranteed. Both the computer and the activated WiFi are essential to achieve this, as well as applications and other tools. Ensuring that you are present is essential at all times of the working day. Headphones with mic are good allies. Calls are not deprecated, but may be better than video calls if there are connectivity failures.

Finally, it is important to disconnect, or you run the risk of falling into burnout. Mutual support will also be essential so as not to lose human contact. In this way, it will be possible for all team members to correctly perform their role. These are difficult and atypical times, but from which we will all move forward and without a doubt, strengthened.

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