What to consider to traveling between Spain and Ireland in the next weeks

traveling between Spain and Ireland

Europe is beginning to lower its population containment measures. Among these measures, each country already raises possible dates for the reopening of commercial air and maritime space within the European Union. Even so, some governments such as the Irish continue to advise against traveling abroad unless force majeure.

In the case of Ireland, international flights are not expected to reopen until August at the earliest, according to Irish Times. Spain, for its part, has announced that it will reopen its borders to foreign visitors as of July 1 without them having to carry out any quarantine measures. News that has been very well received by the tourism sector.

Even so, for travelers arriving for Ireland for any reason, they must complete a location form and provide the police with an address, as they will be required to carry out a two-week quarantine. These measures entered into force on May 28 and will last at least until June 18, at which time they will be reviewed. 

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According to official sources, the authorities may impose fines of up to € 2,500 that could even lead to prison terms of up to six months for those who refuse to fill out the forms upon arrival at the country’s ports or airports.

This measure does not apply to travel between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This 14-day self-isolation will also be adopted by the British government for all those traveling to the UK from June 8. In both countries, this measure will not affect carriers and doctors who travel for professional reasons.

It seems that little by little measures are being taken that will surely help revive the economy while, with responsibility and rigor, we continue to face this pandemic that is affecting us so much at all levels.


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