Welcome to ISEA

The Ireland Spain Economic Association is the business network that promotes and supports in collaboration with other Spanish and Irish institutions trade and investment between Ireland and Spain.

Irish and Spanish have a shared history, which has created a particularly strong bond between us. Many are the examples of this shared history, such as the mythical Milesians that sailed from Iberia over to Ireland back on the days where history fuses with legend, the support given in the 1500 and 1600s or the fabulous exchange of knowledge and contribution of Irish intelligentsia to Spain and Latin America in the 1700s and 1800s.

The examples are so many. ISEA aims to cherish these historic bonds, shared values and mutual appreciation and make them stronger in the future. It is always surprising the level of understanding that exists between our countries.

The Ireland Spain Economic Association is a strong business network (running since 1989) that offers their members the opportunity to build resilient business connections, promote their activities, expertise and share news, skills ideas and insights.

ISEA supports Spanish companies operating in the Irish market, by enabling access to business intelligence and contacts with existing talent and workforce. ISEA provides a ground to validate and exchange business ideas and explore new commercial opportunities. For markets willing to explore the Irish market we can be a valuable platform to gather information and connections.

From the professional development ISEA counts with numerous Spanish professionals working in Ireland and also Irish professionals working for Spanish and LATAM markets. ISEA provides an opportunity to network with likeminded people and explore new business leads and connections.

Finally, ISEA is a great ecosystem for Spanish and Irish entrepreneurs working across both countries, where they can develop their client portfolio and opportunities to collaborate.

Kind Regards
Juan Valverde, ISEA President.