What is the metaverse?


The metaverse is a network of virtual worlds in which many people can interact
with each other (by accessing digital objects) while operating virtual
representations of themselves.

Technology industry experts envision it as the successor to the current internet
The metaverse does not exist, but some platforms contain similar elements. Video
games will provide the similar experience.

Metaverse features

– Property: in the metaverse there will be different worlds and each person will
have their property within the metaverse and they will be able to interact and be in
a virtual community

– Transactions; Crypto coins make sense in the metaverse. Users can buy and sell
and if users spend a lot of time in the metaverse, even earn money there.

– Governance: The metaverse also needs ways to implement fair governance, and
blockchain is already a proven way to do it. In addition, with the metaverse a
social world will be created (similar to the community of Facebook, Instagram,

– Accessibility: Access to the metaverse is open to anyone worldwide on public

For people over 30, the metaverse sounds creepy. But for the next generation,
particularly Gen Z types, the metaverse will be commonplace.

The metaverse will unite the financial, virtual, and social worlds. You can have
your own avatar, share documents, go to work meetings, interact with other avatars, buy and sell products, etc.

Companies like Micrisoft, Google, Meta, Samsung and other big tech are investing
in virtual reality to make the metaverse a reality in 10 years

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