Women leading companies: this is how Ireland wants to empower it


Without a doubt, women have been climbing more and more and better positions in the workplace. This year highlights the work of women leaders and also on equality at work. Ireland is proof of this, being a country that has stood out for hosting important transnational companies. Women, of course, have played a fundamental role in achieving this. As Sheelagh Daly, Director of Entrepreneurship at Enterprise Ireland pointed out, there is a new initiative in this regard. What is sought is to take advantage of the entrepreneurial spirit that exists and, at the same time, a very valuable resource: the female sector.

Women to boost business economic growth

This is how the Action Plan for Women in Business 2020, from Enterprise Ireland, emerged. This initiative seeks to increase the number of entrepreneurs, leaders and investors in the Emerald Island. The objective is very clear: the formation of optimal businesses that guarantee rapid economic growth. With proposals like this, Enterprise Ireland is expected to double the number of women-led businesses by 2025. This, of course, internationally, while increasing their total participation in management development programs.

To date, there is still a disparity in terms of leadership: the number of women is much less than that of men. This is noticeable in the manufacturing, technology, construction and engineering sectors. And with this proposal, it is expected that there will be 50% more women participating in start-up business creation programs. Likewise, it also occurs in the support that the businesswomen acquire through the Local Enterprise Office. In the case of Enterprise Ireland, he plans to increase the number of startups led by women by a third.

Bridging the gender gap in the business sector

More than half of the population in Ireland is made up of women. But to date they still do not reach a visible number within economic activity. Much less performing in senior management positions or performing strategic functions. One third of senior managers in Ireland are women and just 20% are CEOs. Another data indicates that less than 10% of the financing with venture capital is towards companies led by women. Even only 3% are angelic investors.

There are three times more men than women who start companies, but if they are encouraged to be entrepreneurs, they all win. To do this, what is sought is to increase female participation in both entrepreneurship and business leadership. At the international level there is an increasing presence of women leading businesses and companies. The participation of them is also important because it has been seen that when there is diversity there is better performance.

Empowering new entrepreneurs

Through Action Plan for Women in Business, women will be promoted more in their marketing campaigns. Likewise, it will be sought to maximize female participation in all areas. In addition, the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their maximum business potential must be identified and addressed. Gender inclusion, educational policy, employment options, participation in the workforce, are some of the issues to be addressed. One of the most important is undoubtedly business financing by them.

In this regard, Enterprise Ireland has responded in one of its business creation programs called the Competitive Start Fund. And what is proposed is that it be given a focus on women. Going for Growht is another initiative that has helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs develop their businesses and goals. Even in 2015 it won one of the European Awards for Business Promotion. Among the prominent businesswomen in Ireland we can mention Isolde Johnson, who is part of the Caroline Keeling group. She is CEO of Cool Beans, a multinational fruit and vegetable company, whose goal was to offer affordable food to young professionals. This is a small example of how far a project can go at the hands of female entrepreneurs. And the amount will increase favorably during the following years. Follow our blog to know more information.

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