Work from home and follow your daily routine


The measures taken by the government mean that many citizens have to work from home. For this reason, the home becomes a makeshift office, where in many cases the youngest, the pets and the whole family live together. These are difficult days for everyone, so we have prepared these tips that will make you cope much better. Teleworking requires discipline, just as or more than working in the office.

Have a location for yourself

Choose a part of the house where you can have everything you need to work, if possible, close to the router because these days the internet connection works worse. Try to have natural light and maintain order and cleanliness.

Keep your routine

Do the same tasks you would do every morning as if you had to go to the office. You must eat breakfast, take a shower and above all get dressed. It is essential that you do not spend the whole day in your pyjamas!

Take a breath

It’s important that you take a short break every two hours. You should change rooms and even walk down the hall.  As a consequence of the circumstances, you can only go outside for authorized matters (buying food). That is why it is important that you take these breaks.

Avoid distractions

Just like in the office, the background music helps with concentration. However, any other type of device such as TV or radio can distract you. Remember that television and radio offer regular commercial breaks.

Healthy Diet

You should have a very healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables. Remember that physical exercise is much less these days and junk food can make you feel much worse.

Stick to your work schedule

Working at home doesn’t mean working longer hours. The working day is the same length as if you were at the office. It is vital that you reserve certain hours a day for leisure.


Working from home tools

Thanks to new technologies, working from home, virtual meetings and remote teamwork are all possible. Here are a few of them that will make it easier for you to communicate with your colleagues.

Equipment management tools

Coordination between different departments for the achievement and execution of tasks is the most complicated issue to control. For this purpose, there are tools such as Asana or Trello, which allow assigning, controlling and supervising any type of task. In this way, you can make sure that all team members know what the others are doing and are aware of the progress of the project.

Communication tools

Within the world of video calling there are a myriad of tools that allow you to connect with your workmates or hold remote meetings with clients.

Google Hangouts is a tool that is integrated into the Gmail suite and offers chat, group calls and video calls (up to 10 people at a time). The only requirement to use it is to have a Google account.

Google Meet is another Google tool, but unlike Hangouts, Google Meet is not free. In addition, in order to use it, the company must have the mail system integrated within Gsuite (Google’s official business platform). The main advantage is that you can include up to 250 people in the video calls.

Finally, we recommend Whereby, a totally free platform that allows you to connect to any email, whether from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. Whereby only let you have 4 people connected at once, but the video quality is very good.

Other useful tools

OneNote is an excellent tool for keeping notes for a group of people. It is totally free. With it you can create notes and share them with all your colleagues, synchronize your thoughts, share meeting notes, ideas, etc.

Similar to OneNote, you can find Evernote, another very popular collaborative tool. It’s free (although there are paid plans) and multi-platform.

As you can see, thanks to new technologies, during this time of confinement at home, teleworking is totally viable. We hope that the advice and tools mentioned above will help you.

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