Jobs that didn’t exist 15 years ago


In the last fifteen years, new works derived from technological evolution, social networks and communication have appeared. An example of this is


A video game tester checks video games for possible bugs before launch so it can be corrected.

We have had the opportunity for Miguel Villagran co-founder of Helpingnetworks to tell us about his related experience as a video game tester.

“I currently work at Accenture as a content reviewer but for 4 months I was a Tester for Activision in several of their video games, one of them the famous Call of Duty. It was a very positive experience because I was always a fan and because at 46 years old, I never thought I could work in the company where I had played for so many hours as a gamer”

Many gamers can virtually compete in large events such as the Fornite World Cup, LVP Professional Video Game League or e-Sports that have their own virtual soccer league in Spain: eLaLiga Santander.  There are also gamer representational companies worldwide such as the famous  G2 Esports and fnatic


It is a new profession and in Ireland this IPDPA is the Irish Professional Drone Pilots Association, it promotes best practices among its members and presents a unified voice that ensures that all operators are fairly represented. There are companies specialized in drones as Safe Drone Academy, FlyRyte Drone Academy

Other examples about new jobs in this last years, such as a YouTube video editor, streamer, content review, and today an average influencer can charge to promote brands.

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