Announcement of ISEA’s Presidency Renewal 2021

Appointment of new President and Vice-president of ISEA

Dr. Juan Valverde Fernandez has been appointed President of the Irish Spanish Economic Association. Juan Valverde currently works for Trinity College Dublin as Business Development and Innovation Manager. He is a highly qualified research and innovation expert and has more than 15 years’ experience working at the interface between industry and academia across different countries (Spain, France, UK, Germany and Canada). He has lived in Ireland since 2008 and is originally from Galicia a region with very strong historic cultural and economic ties to Ireland.


Mrs. Marisa Guerrero Santo Tomas was also appointed as vice-president. Marisa Guerrero is a senior executive with a track record of 25+ years in the financial and banking industry in Spain, having worked for institutions such as Barclays Bank, UBS, and Lazard Wealth Management, among others. She is also professor of Finance & Portfolio Management at the Centro de Estudios Garrigues and has an executive MBA from the IESE Business School.


The announcement of the new team comes after some challenging times for business networking activities due to COVID restrictions. Nevertheless, during this challenging period, ISEA has continued to provide active support to its members through digital platforms and has an ambitious plan to gradually return to physical and hybrid mode for the second half of 2021.


The former ISEA President Inigo Guerrero stated “During my 6 years stay in Ireland it’s been an honour to be a member of the ISEA family, first as Council member and after as President. Thanks for the events organised by ISEA I’ve had the opportunity to connect with great people and professionals. I remain deeply grateful to His Excellency Ambassador Ildefonso Castro for sponsoring and supporting the Association and all the council members for their strong commitment and involvement. Best of luck to Juan and Marisa!”


Dr. Juan Valverde mentioned at his appointment “Over the years, ISEA has shown itself to be a great place to connect Spanish & Irish companies and individuals. I am very excited to become president with our renewed team and look forward to an inspiring new chapter of Irish and Spanish business relations. We will ensure to maintain and support the growth of these business relationships between both countries”


Mrs. Marisa Guerrero commented, “As ISEA’s Vice-President I am honoured to contribute to the enhancement of the relationship between our two countries, which share sound cultural roots and traditions, as well as historical trade and commercial liaisons.”

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